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coming soon

coming soon

December 12, Paradise Rock Club, Boston

You can call me "Miss Harris" and I am a relative of one of the Producers who has worked with Dave Matthews on his solo projects. I am also friends with his management team, and have worked as a publicist for many years myself.  I am not the ultimate authority on Dave or DMB (but am pretty close), and I have been a fan since 1993, and have seen Dave play in over 40 live shows (including back in the UVA days in Charlottesville Virginia).  I am always open to suggestions and info which I can verify, so if you have some, please share. My info comes first-hand, or from those who work with Dave, or other reputable sources so I try and post only accurate information which can be verified. I hope you enjoy this site as I work to make it better and bigger! Special thanks to Coran for the info, and to Leenie for the space and the idea. 

Upcoming Shows

coming soon

I may include detailed directions or a map to an upcoming show in this area.